WordPress Services

WordPress Maintenance

We use a combination of automated tools and a manual process to review your web site / WordPress installation on a continual basis to ensure that WordPress and plugins are always up to date. We will also send you a monthly report of all our activities.    Our services will continue until we are notified to discontinue this service.

Following are the actions we will perform:

Manage your updates.
Manage plugin updates.
Manage the general health of your website.

We will monitor your website for malware and required updates.
We will monitor your website for file changes and notify you if we see anything suspicious.

We will maintain backups of both your database and website files to the cloud.
The backing up of your website “offsite” allows us to recover damaged files and even move your site if your hosting account fails.

If your site is compromised, we’ll repair it free of charge (a $300+ value)! Our goal is to secure your website against random bots and malicious hackers.